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Created from ASUA Senator Tyler Quillin’s senate project, this program is in its second semester on campus. Through the trying times for students and higher education at large, Sen. Quillin and President Nagata felt it essential that ASUA do its part to aid students in the collegiate journeys. This program will not only improve the University of Arizona’s retention rates, but, more importantly, it will improve the student-experience.

HISTOry of the program

Overview of the program

Mentees will be paired up with mentors within their current or desired field of study. Mentees will garner knowledge about the academic experience of students within their current/desired fields, in addition to learning all about the many possible club, organizations, and involvements on-campus. Besides developing a new friendship and warm face on campus, the overall goal of the program will be to do everything within the power of us, as students, to aid in the success of our fellow students.


Diana Heyer

Julie Fratantoni

Katie Jenkins

Elma Delic

Michael Schaffner

Kenneth Strocsher

Tyler Quillin

Our Mission is to aid students in finding their academic and social niche within the ever changing and growing campus community. We assist students in finding majors to their liking and courses for their interests. Through mentorship, we aid our community by improving student retention.

Chase McCurdy


WE offer mentorship

Within the students’ major

Within the students’ college experience

overall goal

To help students complete their secondary education and enhance their college experience.


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Nick Ong

Megan Wedel

Elissa Baker

Claire Zimmerman